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ATTENTION: Busy Professionals and Entrepreneurs: The Confident Speaker gives YOU the FORMULA to be CONFIDENT and comfortable speaking online and in person

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Here Are The Benefits Of The Group

  • Elevating your confidence when speaking

  • Being Comfortable when speaking without feeling nervous

  • Learning how to go Live on Social Media

  • Being effective as a speaker online

  • Transforming fear to excitement

  • Getting rid of the concern of what others think

  • How to focus on those who benefit most from your message

  • Avoiding the trap of perfectionism

  • How to keep the interest of your audience at all times

  • How to become an authority figure on social media

  • How to better share your message and inspire your community

  • How to create online income

All of this and More For Only $47 a month

Turn Fears into Confidence

Enrique Feldman

Enrique and Andres have both found ways to re-invent themselves over the years. They both speak and coach, and have embraced the idea of always seeking the best version of themselves.









Andres, a TEDx speaker, author, and creator of his own coaching and speaking business, has gone from drugs, alcohol and being overweight to successful father, husband, and entrepreneur. Both Andres and Enrique are ready to help you…Become The Confident Speaker You Desire

Enrique, a 2-Time Grammy nominated artist, author, former Professor of Music and Education at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Arizona, has transformed his career and his mindset. He has founded the Global Learning Foundation, created his own businesses, and gone from working within a system, to creating his own, and one of his passions is helping YOU strive for whatever it is you envision.

Andres Ruiz

What Others Are Saying

About Enrique and Andres

Alison Talks about the enthusiasm and how much impact he has as a public speaker

Rick talks about how Enrique helps others become more resilient and evolve in their lives

Sarah talks about Enrique's positivity on community and how effective he is as a coach and public speaker.

Andrea got new ideas to think outside the box in her business.

Isabelle got unstuck and was able to Re-invent herself and her business.

Alex was able to get the confidence to believe in himself and get clarity in his business.

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