Corporate Leadership

Goals, Plans, Action

Prepare to experience how to rewire the way you envision your future goals. Through innovative and physical experiences, you’ll learn how to approach goal setting in ways which ignite curiosity and inspire others to inspire themselves. 


From challenging and triumphant stories you’ll experience how we can inspire ourselves and those around us and help them embrace a positive self-image and increase productivity. You’ll be led by Motivational Speaker, Tedx Speaker, Co-Host of the Common Good Radio Show and Coach Andres Ruiz. He’ll be your guide on this innovative and authentic journey of vision and inspiration.



  • Have a better understanding of self care and how it is connected to success and achieving goals.

  • Walk away with a plan of action that they can implement immediately.

  • Learn how to use tools to achieve their profession and personal goals.

Presentation Format


  • During our time together we will be engaging in physical activities through brain games to help activate new neural connections in the brain. We will also be doing guided meditation and reflection to help the participants visualize the life they desire both professionally and personally. The presentation will be hands-on to keep the flow of the presentation engaging and fun. 


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