Parenting Made Easier

ATTENTION: Busy Parents with children between the ages of 3 to 12: PARENTING MADE EASIER gives you the KEY tips to motivate your child to be more responsible, focused and successful.

 Benefits Of The Group

  • Learn how to create a leader in your child

  • Build a better relationship with your child

  • Learn how to get rid of stress for yourself as a parent

  • Learn how to help your children cope with anxiety and depression

  • Motivate your children to be more responsible

  • Learn how to empower your child

  • Help your child be more focused

  • Learn how to help your child deal with adversity

  • Create a positive mindset for your children and yourself

  • Teach your children to be more compassionate 

     All this and more for only $47 a month​

What Others Are Saying About Enrique and Andres

"When I first heard Andres speaking I was impressed by his stage presence. He seems to fill the stage with his kindness. His TED talk is about his personal story but it is also about our shared experience as human beings. Through his journey, anyone who's listening can find inspiration for self love and self acceptance, which can only lead to growth and love for others."

Mariana Cozella

Organizer for TedX Los Gatos High School

Enrique has helped to change the mindset of early childhood care, and he has changed the way our professionals and parents go about their daily work. Enrique has brought new perspectives, but not only that, he brings techniques that can be implemented immediately. Enrique’s workshops, and even his keynote addresses are fun, interactive, meaningful and full of ideas that can be taken back for immediate use. Anyone who has heard Enrique will never teach the same way again.

~ MARK BECKER, ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY PBS, Associate Director, Educational Outreach, Director, Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry

We are here to Inspire you, so you can Inspire your child

Enrique Feldman

Andres Ruiz

Enrique and Andres have both found ways to re-invent themselves over the years. They both speak and coach, and have embraced the idea of always seeking the best version of themselves.









Andres, a TEDx speaker, author, and creator of his own coaching and speaking business, has gone from drugs, alcohol and being overweight to successful father, husband, and entrepreneur. Both Andres and Enrique are ready to make PARENTING EASIER for YOU.

Enrique, a 2-Time Grammy nominated artist, author, former Professor of Music and Education at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Arizona, has transformed his career and his mindset. He has founded the Global Learning Foundation, created his own businesses, and gone from working within a system, to creating his own, and one of his passions is helping YOU strive for whatever it is you envision.

What's Included

  • 2 informative coaching sessions with Enrique and Andres(value $997) 

  • Weekly Powerful tips that will elevate your parenting skills(value $497)

Total Value $1,494 a month

Yours Today For only $47 a month

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