Social and Emotional Learning

You Are Not Alone

This workshop will teach youth about building confidence and self-esteem, providing techniques they can
use to deal with peer pressure and self identity. They will reflect on how they feel about themselves and any struggles they are having with self doubt. The workshop will be hands on, allowing the participants to practice activities to improve
and further develop their communication skills. Andres will also talk about his struggles during high school and how he went thru cutting and suicidal thoughts to show the youth if they are feeling lonely that they are not alone. The audience will be engaged throughout the

workshop with questions and discussion revolving around finding answers and
resolutions to their problems. Participants will be given tools they can use to help them with any fears they may be dealing with. We will also have activities like mindfulness and guided meditation to teach the youth the value of being still and present. Especially in a world when everyone seems to be going, going, going and never taking the time to embrace the moment. 


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