Youth Leadership

I Believe In Myself Workshop

This workshop will teach youth about building confidence and self-esteem, providing techniques they can
use to communicate with others. The workshop will be hands on, allowing the participants to practice activities to improve
and further develop their communication skills. We will also discuss the value of self-talk and the impact
of one’s environment and its influence on finding one’s own voice. We will discuss the influence of social
media, both the positive and negative impact it can have. The audience will be engaged throughout the

workshop with questions and discussion revolving around self-discovery and finding answers and
resolutions to their problems. Participants will reflect on what it takes to be a positive role model, to help
influence and motivate others to be the best they can be. They will also discuss their goals and dreams, to
help prepare them for the real world, college, or whatever other opportunities await them after leaving
high school.


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